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What to Wear

springI seriously never realized how difficult it is to coordinate outfits until I had a kid! It’s amazing how just one extra body can throw a loop into the planning process.

Thankfully, there are LOTS of different resources at our finger tips, for outfit planning. I’ve posted here one example that would be fabulous for spring portraits.  Visit my pinterest board for more inspiration.

Please don’t skip over outfit planning quickly. It can really make or break a photograph. The days are gone where everyone has the same polo shirt and khaki pants. Look for a variety of coordinating colors and fabrics… you can even have prints if you use them wisely. Also, don’t forget the accessories! A great belt, cardigan, scarf, or fabulous earrings might add the perfect touch.

The most basic way to start with outfit planning is to pick a base color, then add an accent color. Of course you can have more than two colors, just do it wisely. Lay it out all together to see if everything is cohesive. If unsure, email me a photo of everything together and I’ll happily help! It’s also wise to consider where your portraits will be displayed and choose outfits accordingly. If you want something timeless without so much color, completely possible. For example, you can do neutrals, cremes and browns or blacks and grays.

By all means, try everything on before portrait day. Make sure everyone can move freely from a standing to sitting position. Keep in mind that my style is very candid, you might run, spin, sit….who knows. Just make sure you are comfortable.

Dark colors are more flattering for larger bodies, light colors are less forgiving.

Now, go shopping!!!!!

For my engaged couples… layers and accessories!

For my engaged couples… layers and accessories!

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