Bleckley Inn Wedding


Right after this I found out I was pregnant and was super super sick for the first 4 months or so and totally neglected posting Roy and Kim's LOVELY Bleckley Inn celebration of marriage...and a celebration it WAS! I still remember the awesome live band and the crowd that enjoyed every drop, just look at the images below, you'll see. Such a privilege to photograph for long time area photographer Mr. Gillespie, his daughter's wedding. One of the nicest families I've ever photographed for, he let me do my thing, you could tell they trusted me 100%. Beautiful bride, sweet as sugar groom - he gave us photogs some tears which is always a good thing - incredible day! Thankful you guys chose me!

So the word on the street is I'll be back at weddings this upcoming spring starting at Hilton Head in May! I'll totally be ready to be back at it by then - capturing all the beauty and fun of such sweet moments.


Newborn Photography on the Farm


When the farmer calls. You shoot on the farm. Welcome baby P! That floral headpiece was real folks. My girl Karen is the shizzle, I haven't worked with her in forever - but was so happy to see some of her work make an appearance at this little nugget's shoot! Just a quick note, I am booked for the last week in October, fall family portraits, which I opened a few weeks ago. I still have a few appointments for the first week in November, first come first serve, standard sitting fee, click here and scroll to the bottom for the details.img_9510img_9540

Edisto Island Beach Portraits













So enjoyed my time with this sweet family over the labor day weekend on the beautiful Island of Edisto! It's been a while since I've been that way, so it was a much needed visit for me. The road right before you take the bend in the road to go along the beach front.... that little shack that offers seafood, beside the Piggly Wiggly. Eat there. Fish tacos off the chain. Thank me later.

Side note: Nothing makes a photographer's heart happier than a Dad who likes to play!img_0132img_0151img_0145img_0134