Giveaway Announcements

Uhmm. Uhmm. I'm clearing my throat, at the moment, after listening to a message on my answering machine from someone who attended the party. Thanks so much for your words. It was so worth giving back to all of you who share your lives with me. I've been a bit emotional this week. My grandmother had to go to the hospital and Friday night (yes, the night before the party) my dog was in a major fight. Whewww, I've made it though, I've made it...although I'm now really emotional. It feels so good to give back to people. You should try it sometime. Do something nice for someone, no strings attached, this week. I'll try to post some pics from the party the first of next week...we'll see. I forgot my camera battery at my own party, can you believe it! Thankfully my sister-in-law had hers. We help each other like that often, one time she needed a memory card, and I just happened to have on in my pocket. So funny! Anyhoo, here is the list of those who won gift baskets at the party, who had already left.

Renee Adams - 10 tan visits, hair products, $15 massage certificate

Kami Schroeder - Southern Living gift basket (this is beautiful Kami...will match your house PERFECT!)

Kathy Duncan - $150 gift certificate to the studio

Tracy Couch-Allen - Vera Bradley gift set, hair products

Tonya Hopkin - Mary Kay gift basket

Tammy Allen - Cut and style at Modern Hair, $15 massage certificate, hair products

Congrats to those of you who won, you can pick your winnings up from the office anytime. I do have to say one more time that Alison from Hullabaloo Events did a FANTASTIC job. If you need a party planned call her!