The studio has gone green! I receive boxes, cardboard, and packing of all sorts every week from my printers and album suppliers. These supplies normally arrive to me in pretty fair condition. For everything that does, it gets used once again. Yep! Almost every box I send out, and packing materials, have been recycled by me. It makes perfect sense. This helps to keep shipping costs low, I don't have to have lots of storage for supplies (just reuse what comes in that week), and it helps the earth a bit. What can you change in your home or business to be a little greener? This is a hard thing for me, because I would really like pretty shipping boxes with my logo, etc. So, I'm racking my brain to figure out a cost effective way of making the already used boxes a little bit more "branded"...I think I have a great idea that is still earth friendly. Large logo stickers! Not much waste in stickers, and what a great cover up!

One more thing. The clear bags I use to package photos have gone green! Made from plants and they're biodegradable, yoohoo!