makeup artist...retouch artist...whatever you want to call it

So, not long ago I posted a straight out of camera series to show my workflow retouch. Well, I took a great class at the Professional Photographers of SC seminar last month, where I learned a bit more about makeup/retouch. I've taken classes in the past from the VERY talented Katrin, who's written many photoshop technique books, and created actions from her notes...but this class was taught by a portrait photographer who gave the scoop, the ends and outs of how to do it quick and right. Lori was so cool, and I've really enjoyed trying out the different techniques. It's so important in retouching that you do it right (like the magazine retouch pros) so that you don't loose details, ie. pores, etc. That brings me to Kristen, one of my last year seniors. I always do a session for my seniors at the end of the year in their cap and gown. Well, when I contacted her I asked her to bring another outfit that I wanted to try some makeup retouch on her. She's so beautiful and always incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, I knew she'd be perfect. Here's a few from her session, before and afters.