Jessica & Brad

A few more quick favorites. This will be my last post from their wedding, until I get the slideshow together. There are just SOOO many great ones, in a slideshow I can show them all! These are the things I learned from Jessica's wedding that I would like to pass along to all of you brides, or soon-to-be brides: 1. A small bridal party is much easier, on the bride and photographer. :)

2. A private moment of seeing each other before the ceremony is IDEAL, and allows for all photographs to be taken before the after there's no stress and rush to get to the ceremony.

3. Enjoying the moment is of the upmost importance, great photographs emerge from a genuine day of happiness.

Kissy, kissy...while the Pastor prepares!

Below would be a failed attempt at a milk mustache! What a perfect toast, with all that chocolate!!