Ahhh, I'm back!

Whew. I love a vacation, and I love coming back home. Not sure why I love this darn studio so much. Must be because you're all so much fun to work with, and could also be because I have so much invested in this little spot. Anyhoo, I'm glad to be back and to finally blog again. What a privilage to blog this incredible family. They think of it very little, but I think of it as much...they are in the process of packing up and selling stuff to work full-time in "out of the country" missions. I'm so happy for them, that God has called them to such an incredible ministry. Blessing, blessing, blessings to your family!! Wish I could document your journey, but for sure I'll be coming to visit. You can watch their journey on their blog, www.hagermans.blogspot.com

I call their portraits, funky fresh, fruity tooty, just doggone cool! Christi asked me what they should wear...I said, I don't know, I see you guys in something colorful and fun, with layers...she said yes, you know us well, that's perfect! So here they are, a few of my favorites.