As promised!

My newest baby club member, Recie. Getting to Recie's photo session in Columbia was quite the adventure. I ran into two horrible down pours, at times I was going so slow that I was able to tweet (text to twitter) while driving. I know, it's dangerous! I'm such a multi-tasker, and might I add a thrill seeker, but it will for real get me in trouble one day. So, when I arrived Recie's mom met me outside, as she was standing there, with an umbrella, lightening struck and there was a big KABOOM! Her face was horrified and she gently gestured that she was going inside, Angie you're so sweet! We scrambled in the door and as I'm getting my flash set up the lights flicker! So we quickly moved up to the nursery where we got these great "princess and the pea" shots. I think that's the name of that book...for some reason the pictures in her room remind me so much of that book. I think it was the little castle over her changing table. Loved it! Got a really cute picture with it too (not shown here, sorry)!

The storm finally passed and we made it through the session. The rain helped Recie sleep like a rock. Here's a few pics that I just adore.

I must say a few words about Bogey! He was so happy to have a visitor. I told my husband I got lots of kisses last night, you should have seen the way he looked at me! I then explained how sweet Bogey was and how happy he was that I had come to photograph his sis. I think he didn't want me to leave either...he was up in my lap licking my face as we were going over the contract and payment. Ha!  ...I might add he loves to kiss Recie too.