Mid-life crisis?

So Monday I was in tears, and today all I can do is laugh. What is going on...someone slip something in my morning yogurt? Maybe I'm just getting excited about the weekend. We're going to the Clemson game, yoohoo! My husband and I are also going to the hunt camp, affectionately known as the "ponderosa," with my Nana and Papa. Monday is the opening season of bow hunting, which explains why my husband has been "fletching" I think that's what they call it...anyway he's been working on his bows all week. They've been his "lady" this week, as he's felt a bit neglected, I think.

Anyway, I was just thinking that I need to post the video from our end of year hunt, the year before last. It is hilarious!  Note to self, and anyone else...never sit right beside a "gun" hunter to video, esp without a tripod...the blast will scare the crap out of you and you'll miss the action. I've got to post that thing...you guys would get a kick out of it...I'll put that on my page long list of to-dos! I'll post more hilarious facts about that hunt, if I can ever get it posted.

Anyway, back to this weekend. I'll be videoing again, but this time a bow hunt. So I won't be startled by any blast and hopefully will catch all the action. For those of you who are animal activist, sorry...but that's how we get our meat for the year.

On a "work" note, I have some great images to post, hopefully by the end of the day from a couple of sessions this week! I've had some great ones!