The festival & grandparents day

Another iPhone post, I love this gadget!! What an eventful weekend... I was at the apple festival events more than usual, capturing some images for a future brochure. My dad, being the business man that he is, always says, "you gotta be in the public as much as possible." He claims that's the reason he goes out for breakfast at the local resturants every morning. He says he's booked many jobs over grits and eggs. After this weekend I agree. Booked an appointment using my handy dandy iCal...this iPhone is quickly paying for itself.

Here's a few pics from the weekend. Don't tell my godson's mom...but I sugared him up sat night with a chickfila icedream cone and cotton candy at the rodeo. He also ate his fair share of boiled peanuts. I had to make him stop, afraid he might get a belly ache. We had so much fun.

Today I had lunch with my grandparents, since it IS grandparents day. Such a treat! I love them soooo much. My husband was very proud of this picture he took at lunch. He made sure we were centered, took three just to be sure there was a good one, and turned the phone sideways to fit us all in the frame. Of course I praised him and told him he was hired. He said only if you pay $25 an hour plus expenses....which included a new boat, yada yada yada, I said whatever! Blogged with my iPhone