USA Today, I am appalled!

I had something a little lighter to post, but a news article I read this morning provoked this... I must preface this by saying, the "missionaries" mentioned in the article linked below are my dear friends. I consider them mentors and the most culturally sensitive missionaries I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I've had the extreme pleasure of staying and working along side them, their daughter Hakani, and other members of the Suruwaha. I am disgusted by the news media and their portrayal of them as bible banging, religious freaks, trying to tear down a people and culture. These guys are DEFENDING the rights of life. They have dedicated years, 15+, to these people, they've learned their language. They've in no way tried to change the culture of the Suruwaha, but set it free to be what God created it to be.

  • They have NOT changed their clothes.
  • They have NOT taught them Amazing Grace.
  • They have NOT constructed a western church.
  • They have NOT taken away their traditions of worship.

Problem is, there is a common practice among tribes to bury children or commit suicide because of heartache or physical deformities. This is not a "religious" cause to stand up against. This is a human right, the human right to life. The news media and anthropologist who want to preserve culture and not interfere with the practice of infanticide, will allow complete cultures to be eradicated. The very thing they are trying to prevent. If people are dying how can a people and a culture be preserved. I'm just so appalled and I might mention quite embarrassed to be an American at this moment!!! I'm so sick of the media distorting the truth.

USA Today Article

Voice for Life - Hakani Movie

I wish I would have had the chance to photograph on such short notice last Feb. as they were making the documentary Hakani, which is discussed in the USA article and posted on the Voice for Life site. Then I could share with you a real photo story. I'm still convinced that it will all work out one day for me to photograph the survivors, and bring back the testimony of life.