Logan's New Sister, Baylee

Here she is, the newest baby of my family. I was out of the office all day Friday photographing her birth, and yesterday we were in the studio. After one yellow poop incident, and quite a few pee pees on the backdrop, on mom AND on dad, we came away with some great shots! Yep, she's only 4 days old in these photographs...I know, she looks much older. She was 9lb 14oz at birth, but has since lost to 9.1! She's so cute and cuddly, with the most adorable black hair and chubby cheeks. However, I am a bit partial, she is family. My mom says she looks like me when I was born, I weighed a whopping 9.4! I tried to get them to name her Tiffiney, but they decided for Baylee.