Boo | The Party Post

So I thought I'd share my party gig from last weekend. How neat to be born this time of the year...there's all sorts of crazy, wacky, scary options for a party. This is my event planner Alison's little girl's party so you know it was insanely perfect like my customer appreciation day party! Alison is not like the norm...i.e. the plumber who has leaky pipes, the construction worker who lives in an unfinished house, the photographer who has no pictures of her family (ah hum)...nope not Ali! She's an event planner who plans amazing party's for her children! Need a party planned click here.

The safe and more sanitary way to bob for apples.

The mummy race.

This is hilarious...Katelyn and her mom making the same face!

Our traditional, "I'm pooped" shot when everyone's gone. I should note that the birthday girl looks more tired here than anyone else. Oh, there was so much more I could have posted, but I'm ready to head to the house! Happy pumpkin day!!!