creative juices...

So once my creative juices are flowing I can't stop. It's hard being an artist for hire at times. There's always deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Sometimes creativity doesn't work well with deadlines. So, when the art juices start better not stop! Well, that's what happened to me tonight. It's almost 12am, and I'm still at the studio! I was meant to leave after that last post, but have just been dying for a peek at some of the images I shot at the wedding Sat! So I started at the end, because I'm an artist and my brain works backwards. Something about these guys always evoke textures. I don't know if it's the purity and soulfulness of their relationship, or what.

These guys were high school sweethearts. His proposal would make you cry! Such a genuine couple and family. Thought I might shed a couple of tears at this one...well, I did. However, not until the very end...the last photograph will explain it all.

Grandma made these muffins! I must say that was a yummy wedding brunch. Very cool idea!

A guest looking at how beautiful the bride was, with mom proudly smiling.

Thanks to a guest who put me on this photo! Too cute!

Just for fun! What a catch! ...ok, that was cheesy!

One of my favorites, a snuggle under the veil!

More smoochie, smoochie!


This is a pretty private photograph. I almost feel as if I shouldn't share it. The brother of the bride is reading a letter that the groom wrote to the family...3 pages! This is when I almost cried, and I didn't even hear what the letter said...just the thought got me all teary eyed.

Ok. I must be done for the night. My neck is killin! The bed is calling! Slideshow to come soon.