So I've been a little "missing in action" lately. I haven't been extremely busy photo shooting...now that "school's back slow down" finally arrived! I always enjoy that sort of slow down, because it helps me to regroup. This time I've be "regrouping" with my new office manager. Keeping the books was beginning to be a bit much for my Mom who works another job, so I hired Sherri. This has been her first week and she's caught on sooo fast! Hopefully this will work out for the long haul, I've been needing help for a VERY long time. I already feel a sense of relief that more is getting done and I have more time to do the things I need to do and like to do. It's all about freedom! Creating freedom in our lives to do the things we are meant to be doing! Thanks Sherri for a fanastic job your first week! ...and just so you guys know who to expect...here she is, a bit surprised. Don't kill me...Sherri! hehe

So she's the one you might see at the service window!