Something I can count on.

I can always count on being sore after a wedding and this photograph explains why. Up and down, up and down. I'm so tall that I take a knee often. Also, I can always count on a picture of me, taking a picture, when Ashley helps me photograph! She's also posted a few of her images from the wedding on her blog. Thank you, thank you Ashley for your help!

I might add I was quite excited when I knew the girls dresses were going to be red, because that meant I could wear my favorite read shoes! Yeehee! Oh and they're so comfortable! Pretty disappointed that my outfit for this weekend won't work with those shoes...gray pants and a fuschia shoes just would not go!

I also should mention that I have 7 events to get blogging may be lacking until I get a bit more caught up! Sorry I can't blog all of you guys, the Christmas rush is officially here!