A word from the wise.

More fun stuff at the park! I'm telling ya, it's been the "place to be" this year. I love it because it's local. We are truly blessed to live in this area at the mountains, rivers, and lakes. There's not many other places I would like to live, except New Zealand of course, I just can't get over that place! Anyway, back to the park...these four are siblings/cousins and were such good kids! One of the momma's had me all worked up and worried. :) That mom decided to stay home, which brings me to a "word from the wise"...that is a VERY good idea. This sometimes works because for kids I'm a new person and at the beginning at least, they're eager to listen to what I have to say.

So, it turns out the mom didn't have much to worry about anyway. We had fun playing and got some really great shots! I know she might be eager to see, so here are just a few fun ones that I really love!