The transportation grand finale

How many modes of transportation can you take in the span of an afternoon? After a bite of lunch at an Irish Pub in Hoboken NJ we hopped on a SUBWAY to 5th ave to pick up something special for the twins at F.A.O. Schwarz. On our way we stopped by Grand Central Station. Finally we arrived at the toy store to find the coolest Apple glass box out front, and underneath...the apple store! Too bad I didn't have time to browse.

Worried about the increasing amount of traffic we cut the toy store adventure short and hopped on a BIKE TAXI in the hopes of getting to the subway quicker, to have more time to catch our flight. Let me just say, he did not disappoint. That was one of the scariest bike taxi rides I've ever had...and I've had quiet a few. I think what made this one so much more intense was the fact that we were so close to moving vehicles. We discovered that our driver was flying out of town too the next day, so in honor of his departure he ran a redlight all the while screaming like a hulligan! Crazy New Yorker, fun stuff!

After the SUBWAY ride we boarded a TRAIN, which of course was an adventure. When we reached our destination we didn't know how to get off the train. You had to go to the car junction or something and press a yellow button. By the time we figured things out the train was moving again. So we got off at the next stop with no cab to be found. We decided to grab a bite at a small local deli, and to make an even longer story a little shorter, we ended up calling two cabs but eventually hopped in the TAHOE with the deli owner who took us to our friend's apt. Once we gathered our luggage we called a CAB to take us to the airport. To say the least we are exhausted!

I should say I don't just love NYC but I love New Yorkers. Everyone was so incredibly helpful and friendly...gosh, kinda makes you wanna move there...well, not really. It was amazing and a trip I'll never forget. Now, back to the real world!

Grand Central Station via the iphone. It's so incredibly hard to take pictures yourself with that phone!

The Apple store, underneath this glass box. I only had time for this quick new gadgets for me. :(

Our crazy bike taxi ride. I felt like I needed a helmet!

Pretending to sleep on the plane. We had fun with this little photo shoot. It took us 15 minutes, 20 pictures, and a couple of different angles to get one we liked. All the while laughing so loud the lady in front of us was getting a bit agitated. After all, it was close to midnight.