While the wedding post is cookin' I thought I would share some fun stuff from the park this past week. Let me tell you the leaves have been spectacular! I think I've been to the park every afternoon, thinking back I should have rented a camping spot. If we had a camper I definitely would have. It's sort of hard to tent camp and make it to work all fresh. So, meet the Walters. This mommy is my type of gal! She loves reading blogs and she loves b/w photographs. Such a fun and relaxed family! Here is a few...really, a very small sampling to hold you over until they're posted!

So, I just MUST post the following, although they're not incredibly crisp b/c of all the motion! This is her little dare devil having fun on the swing!

And this one...his second time down the slide, with Dad and sister's help of course. Mom was busy at the bottom waiting for the catch. The first time he went down without a glitch. This time...his legs came up (shown here, notice his sister's slight look of concern) and almost over the rails. His mom and I just about had a heart attack! If you've been to the park you know how big this slide is...oh, thank God he made it all the way down safe. And, you know boys...he was ready to go again!!