30 things to do, in 365 days

This is a page on the blog, but just thought I'd make a post of it too... Yeah, so some bloggers are posting 100 things to do in 1001 days. I just can't make goals for that length of a time...I do much better with short term goals. Hey, at least I know my weaknesses! So here's my attempt at writing down a few goals for 2009, something my dad has always encouraged. I'll be posting as goals are completed!

My list of 30 things to do, in 365 days.

  1. Separate websites: wedding and baby
  2. Upgrade ordering system to something prettier and more user friendly
  3. Do something unexpected for a complete stranger
  4. Distribute wedding information to every wedding vendor I share a wedding with
  5. Display baby art in a local office/hospital
  6. Buy groceries for someone in need
  7. Purchase and reread "Why Not Women"
  8. Look into life insurance
  9. Provide photographs for a family in need
  10. Become debt free, by way of hard work and Dave Ramsey
  11. Enter the PPofSC print competition
  12. Have my own gallery show
  13. Create gift set for baby club members
  14. Create gift set for wedding clients
  15. Have a spa day
  16. Be home to cook supper every weeknight for one month
  17. Work a complete youth camp
  18. Exercise 3 times a week for a month (then maybe it will be a habit)
  19. Write down and organize my business plan
  20. Have lunch with a photographer friend
  21. Write my husband a love letter
  22. Take Molly to a broadway show
  23. Take Austin to a college football game
  24. Take another hiking trip out West
  25. Go snow skiing in the Rockies
  26. Read the Bible through again
  27. Spend the day with each of my single girlfriends
  28. Throw a party for someone unexpected
  29. Revisit the camp in Paraguay
  30. Post my hunting video with the hubby