Angel Tree Announcement

I'm sorting through Santa portraits!!! I'm so excited to get them online for all of you guys! Here's a preview of my cousin's kids...the newest baby in our family, Baylee and her brother Logan. Aren't they sweet!?

Also I have a BIG request. I have an Angel tree again this year. I have about 10 kids from our 3 elementary schools. I have lots of boys this year! If you can spare to buy a few items for a kid it would be much appreciated. The counselors let me know that people aren't giving as much this year...but I know you guys will come through for me! I have their age, sizes, and wishlist. You don't have to buy everything...anything no matter how small would be appreciated. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids to give back to those less fortunate! Also, I have one special request for a little boy's bike.

If you would like a name you can comment, email, call, or facebook me and I'll be in touch. All gifts are due to the studio by Dec 14th.