Kids write the darndest things...

Ok. So I was sifting through some more stuff my Mom brought to the office. My stuff. From school as a young lad. Just thought I'd share another funny story...well, sort of story...I wrote. I'm not sure what the assignment was because it's not in paragraph format. Maybe we had to write sentences using certain words, who knows! Anyway here it goes. Something special from me, as a kid, just as I wrote it. "I had a bunch of toys but they were so boring.

So I climbed on a latter and went to the attic.

There was so much in the attic.

Picthers of animals and picthers of people.

I looked in a box and out poped a jack in the box.

Furry little animals surounded me like I was a tree.

I climbed a hourse just like a cow boy of course.

Then I went back down the latter as I still heard water splatter.

As I ate my steak I was thinking what to do the next day."

So, see what I mean, it's all so random! It's funny, though I still love old stuff (attics), I take lots of "picthers," I love to watch westerns, and I LOVE a steak! Ha! This is just crackin me up! Kids, they have the greatest imagination, random, but great!