She's Two

Meet Ava, she's 2. A few posts ago I mentioned 6 months being my favorite age to photograph. My next favorite age is 2. I know, Moms think I'm crazy...and maybe I am...but toddlers are so energetic and so fun. You can always count on the fact that they'll be themselves, nothing more, nothing less. Sweet Ava. This is the first time she's been into the studio. I missed out on greeting them when they came in, as I was busy with a phone call, but met them in the "shooting" space and to my surprise Ava jumped right up in my lap. This does NOT happen often. 2 year olds can be very particular about who should be in their "space." Not Ava, so friendly and fun-loving! If happy parents make happy children, her parents are extremely giddy. This was probably the quickest and most productive 2 year old session I've had in my entire "shooting" life. A two year old that did what we asked...we must be dreaming! Oh, these are just so adorable!!!

My favorite one of them all...the big announcement!