The Newsomes | Baby Club

Friday, last week, was quite the adventure for me. I had a great massage at a local studio, then rushed around to get the turkey in the oven. Once that was finished I rushed back to the office to get some things done and meet with one of my brides for next year, yay! So, by the end of the day, when the Newsomes arrived, I looked spent, hair all greasy from the massage oils. There was no time in between for a shower, unfortunately. Next time I promise to be freshly showered and looking a little more up to par! It won't be long and the Newsomes will be celebrating the birth of their sweet boy, Jarrett. I think these guys get the most recent award for driving the longest, all the way from Columbia! They were coming down Hwy. 24 and called to be sure about the response, "you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere, huh? just keep going..."

Thanks so much for driving so far and choosing me to photograph the first years of your sweet baby boy! Until Feb....can't wait! Thanks for letting me post some of my favorites on the blog.