Juried Art Show

01.22.09 UPDATE: Went to the gallery opening. There were no ribbons attached to anything. I have no idea what got what place. Nothing was mentioned in the booklet either. Guess you know if you get a check in the mail. I must say I was honored to hang with all the great art, very honored. 01.13.09 UPDATE: Got the card in the mail today, my prints have been accepted into the show! I'm so excited and relieved, at least they're hanging...who cares about placing! Ha! Oh, but that prize money is so tempting...

So, on a last minute whim I decided to enter the Blue Ridge Arts juried art show this past weekend. I was nervous as a cat taking my prints. I have such a complex with judges. I was tramatized in high school at the governor's school for the arts interview...that's a story for another time.

A little over a year ago I entered a juried photography show and did pretty well, but I'm not so sure about this show, as it's a 2D and 3D art show. When I took my prints there was an opportunity to look at the other entries, but I opted not to. I just rather not know my competition.

They send out the Juror's results today. Which means that they mail me a little card that says whether or not I've been selected to hang in the gallery. The gallery opening is this Friday 5:30. My fingers are crossed!

These are the prints I entered. The first I entered because it was hanging in my office and easy to get to the show. the second image I thought would be something different for the show. I just kinda figured there wouldn't be much portrait work there, we'll see if this works for or against me...

untitled-1...and a few gallery tunes to go with, from one of my favorite artists!