It's official!

So we found out Valentines day that we are expecting a baby, and confirmed it today with a doctor visit. We are so excited and feel extremely blessed and in awe of how God has put all of this in motion. Just a little over a month ago we were living in a one bedroom home, now we have a 3 bedroom home and a baby on the way. Yes, God is good. We are extremely thankful and just hope and pray for a healthy baby. Got this cute onesy and thought it would be perfect for the announcement. img_0040 With that said, there may be a few changes here in the studio. This business has been my baby for sure, but will have to take a back seat very soon. The changes will be good, and I'll always be shooting! Just got to figure out a few things. It's sort of funny because I had already been working on rearranging some things before I even knew...guess they call that the Mommy instinct.