PPSC Convention 2009

beachw I had a blast at the professional photographers of South Carolina convention. I've been to many national and regional conventions, so it was nice to finally network with buds in the State!

I walked away from this convention extremely inspired by the artists who spoke. Especially the Simones and Darrell Chitty. Amazing talents and lovers of fine art. I was completely blown away and taken by surprise that I could be so inspired by those I thought were so opposite from my style. I'm moved, period. Moved to be a better student of art. No other speaker has ever inspired me in such.

I also walked away with great gallery ideas...most of you are aware that a gallery show is on my list of things to do this year. Yay! What a coincidence that it would even be discussed by a speaker, very cool.

I was also lucky enough to play with the new 5D MII camera.  I'm looking for all the equipment I can sell so I can get this new amazing camera! Here it is around my neck...geez, wish it was still there! _0573

This was at the end of our 6 a.m. walk on the beach. The only reason I would ever get up so early to walk in the cold wind...a chance to photograph with the 5D MII, my husband could vouch for this. Thanks Jason for the image! Check out my facebook for some funny pirate pics from the convention!