The House

You guys know we moved into a new house at the beginning of the year. Which I would like to add was not on the "to-do" list, although secretly it was, I just didn't announce it because I didn't see how it would be possible. Also, not on the "to-do" list, having a baby. Again, it was secretly on the list but I didn't want to mention it. So, in reality I'm hammering at that list...or what was meant to be on the list... Ok, back to the house. We've been doing lots of work to the house and I just thought I'd show a bit of progress. My hubby has been such a trooper, working like a dog actually, to get everything done. His family has also helped and without them we wouldn't be near this close to finished! Not even half way through the painting we found out I was prego so his Mom and my sister-in-law finished things up. I know they are so sick of painting!

Here's some pics of the progress taken with my iPhone. I will take better pics with the real camera once things are finished and furnished. I tried to take from the same angles so you could really see the progress. It's looking so beautiful. I'm so proud of my husband, and I'm glad he's such a handy man!

Please keep in mind. This is still a work in progress. We have the trim and carpet left to finish. Just thought it would be fun to document things so far and share with you guys.