My Twin Godchildren

Where in the world did Feb go, and Mar almost over? I can't believe it. The past few weeks have been a huge blur for me. I've seen lots of the bed, couch, and bathroom. Thankfully the last couple of days have been really great and a lot more manageable. For those of you who don't know, we had our first ultrasound this week and saw our baby. Just amazing a very surreal experience, and the heartbeat, no words to describe. I'm keeping a pregnancy journal and was working on it last night in the boat while my husband was fishing. One of the questions was, what's been the funniest moment so far? Just thought I'd share with you. It has to do with cravings...I sent Scott out for a few groceries. Groceries to satisfy my cravings...saltines, popsicles, cheese, and of course pickles. I love the salty dill pickles in the lunch meat section! This is what I expected him to pick up. Well, my instructions weren't quite clear enough. He brought back dill shaped bread and butter pickles...I didn't even know they made those! Eeeew! One more funny story. The journal asks you to write a message to your baby every month. I asked Scott what his message to the baby was, expecting something sweet and caring. Instead, he said, "straighten up and fly right." Hey, really what did I really expect, I was interrupting his fishing. :)

Ok, so in the blur of the last few weeks we had a very special addition to our family. Scott and I are now Godparents to twin girls. I was in the delivery room for this one, photographing, and I must say it was amazing! The mommy did GREAT. I felt so sorry for her after the struggle of the first birth, knowing she had to do it one more time. This is long over due, but here they are, aren't they sweet!