Own Your Own Business?

Have a product or a service that Moms or Brides might love? Maybe you just opened an etsy shop or a blog shop and would like to move more traffic to your site? Here's your chance! I have banner links available at the bottom of the blog. These are reserved for vendors that I LOVE and trust! If you're interested email me at info@tiffineyphotography.com and we'll discuss. Side note: After being in business for almost 7 years I have to say I receive the most traffic from other blogs, and blog links are by far the best advertising I've ever invested in for my business (along with facebook). Last year I had over one million hits to the site. In the first 3 months of this year I've had over half a million! Linking with other blogs is the best, I've stopped all my other major advertising. Consider these things if you're just starting out in business.