Real Bride | Lindsey + Lady

When I got the call for Lindsey's wedding I was so excited. I had photographed her briefly before with her horse and she was so natural and so much fun...I knew I would have a blast with her as a bride.  I'm so glad she decided to include Lady in her bridal portraits, because it is soooo her! I'm seeing more and more brides include the things and places they love in their portraits and I think it's just great. I love being from the south and shooting in the south. Southerners are so sentimental and thoughtful. These photographs are at her grandparents place, I just LOVE them! She is also one of the bravest brides I've had in a while. It was totally her idea to jump on the horse for a ride, I think it was so worth it, a beautiful a memory.


There are so many more, these are just a few of my quick favorites. Can't wait for your wedding next month Linds! The reception in the pasture is going to be sooo much fun!