Lindsey + Reid | The Details

Love these two...ok, well I love all my brides and grooms!

lindsreidSpeaking of details...I was browsing around the reception looking for things to "shoot" and came across one of the most thoughtful things I've ever seen at a wedding. A bride and groom who gave back. This speaks volumes about Lindsey and Reid! In the midst of all the planning they took a moment to think about what was really important, read for yourselves:img_3921Being the mission minded "freak" that I am, for lack of better terms, my heart is touch by their simple gift. I actually had no idea what this said for sure until I started processing the images back at the studio...I'm tellin' ya, weddings are crazy no time to read the fine print. Thank God it's not a prego emotional day for me, otherwise I'd be crying.