Summer Blog Contest | Summer Fun

Contest runs June, July, and August. Here's your mission... Take a picture of a summer day for you, your family, your kid(s), etc. This can be your favorite picture from the beach, from the pool, from the lake, from the park, or from around the house. Pictures can be submitted now until Aug 31st. All entries will be posted online for voting.

Can't believe I'm daring to do this again! I've changed a few things concerning the voting so this time it will hopefully be a lot easier. Winner will receive a $50 gift card from Wal-mart, Staples, Target, or Old Navy...your choice! Perfect for getting all of those back to school supplies or just treating yourself. Take lots of pics this summer guys, and send them in!

April/May winner was announced here. Thanks so much for all of your participation in the past. You guys rock!