It's a girl!!!

Oh I hope this goes through... I've been trying to blog for days! Here's the news quickly. More later when I have an Internet connection. I went into early labor last Wednesday. They tried to stop the labor but by Sat things were not looking good so they decided to do a csection. Sweet Sadie Mae Addis was born on July 4th, at 11.51 am, weighing 1lb 7oz, 12.25 inches long. She is currently in the NICU at GHS. We have also moved into a temporary home about 8 miles from the hospital so we can be close to her. Our life for sure has changed, but only for the better. We have been blessed by the hand of God on her life and ours. I have so much to share with you guys about what God has done and is still doing. I promise as soon as we can get a good Internet connection I'll bring you all up to speed.

A note about the studio. It will still operate as normal I'm not finished photographing your memories. As a matter of fact, I've learned thru this experience how much my job truly means.