The Birth Story

So, the birth story. Where to begin? Most of you know I was incredibly sick during the first 18 weeks of pregnancy. Like lay on the couch all day sick. Nausea, dry heaving, tired, you name it, I probably felt it. Once I got over this sickness I felt a little more normal, but still wasn't 100%. However it was the last of June early July when I started feeling a bit more achy than normal and tired again. I remember being on my way to a session, the very week I went into preterm labor, in tears because I felt so bad. Looking back that was very unusual, and really should have been a warning sign.

On July 1st I had an appointment with the midwife for blood work. It was early that morning around 2:30 that I started having contractions, my body was aching and I felt feverish. I woke Scott and explained that I was having contractions 7 minutes apart...his response, "what does that mean." I told him it wasn't necessarily good but that I was taking a tylenol and going to the couch and would wake him if they got worse. He then rolled over and went back to sleep. He's sweet, really, he just had no clue...and honestly I didn't either.

During the next few hours my contractions got as close as 5 minutes apart. I didn't want to be silly and call the midwife for nothing so I stuck it out. By the daylight hours contractions were more infrequent, but by the time I arrived at the midwife's office they were back, I had a fever of 100.9, and when she examined she felt the foot! Yep folks, I had been feeling really, really, really low kicks for a couple of weeks...this would explain it.

We made the mad dash to the hospital where they admitted me immediately. I was 3-4cm, thinned and on my way to having a 24 weeker. They stopped my contractions and started the steroid shots but by Sat. July 4th, just at 25 weeks, they noticed an infection of my amniotic fluid and ordered an emergency c-section.

Sadie Mae arrived at 11:51 a.m. on July 4th 2009 weighing 1lb 7oz and was 12 inches long. I remember them saying, "ok the baby's out," I then asked "well is it a boy or girl?" It took them what seemed like forever to tell us. They were working so hard to keep her breathing that gender was the last thing on their mind. Finally they confirmed the ultrasound we had had a day or so before. Although I really felt like I was having a boy, I can't imagine a boy now. Sadie is our angel. Our miracle. A gift that God has so graciously shared with us.

My birth story in photographs on the Facebook group page, courtesy of my sister-in-law and photographer Julie Smith. Don't forget to get some tissue. 

My hubby took this one...not bad! This is the first time I saw her. We were all crying...the nurses, Scott, everyone.


Sadie Mae is now a NICU baby and we are officially NICU parents. She'll be at Greenville Hospital until her due date month of Oct. We have also moved ourselves to Greenville to be close to her.

This is Sadie Mae at one week old. Look at that hair! She would have had a head full like her daddy. Oh, she looks just like him!


Sadie Mae at 2 weeks, eyes open! She looks like a little ole man, hehe!


My favorite most recent, snoozing away.


So...the journey begins. You know, sometimes we can't imagine the road that life will take us, the plan that God has for us. If we trust him all roads are good. All roads are blessed. We have truly been blessed by not only an incredible miracle but by the support of people from all over the world. Words really do NO justice to describe what this has meant to us. Your prayers, cards, encouragement, gifts have not gone unnoticed. We are overwhelmed to have so many standing with us during this new season of our lives. We are excited about what God is doing for Sadie, for us, and for you.

My heart has been strengthened lately. My hope. My faith. The promises of God seem more real than ever. I had a very clear vision before Sadie was born. I was in the hospital room alone praying and thinking when I saw God's hands rolling Sadie in my tummy. From that moment there was a complete peace that she would be ok. This doesn't mean that I still don't have moments of uncertainty. She is obviously very helpless and small. However, I cannot imagine living with no hope. No faith in a higher power that created such a gift. If you don't believe Jesus was God's son sent so that you might live in this hope, peace, and grace, now is the time. There's no promise for tomorrow. This picture is one of my favorites.img_0070On a motherly level I can see her sweet hand reaching for her mommy. On a spiritual level I can see God's hand outreached to you. He has nothing but good for you, no matter the circumstance. You'll find no better peace than what He gives. Romans says, call upon the name of the Lord and be saved. It's that simple. Trust Him with your life. Reach for His hand, an offering of peace a promise of hope.

Updates will be posted here as often as possible, on my facebook page, and on the facebook group page Prayers for Sadie Mae and Family.