All Smiles

  So, I've been taking my camera lots to try to get a good shot of her at one month old. Some days it just ain't happenin' so I try, try, and try again. Finally today I got a GREAT smile. She finally got the "your Mom is a photographer" memo. She's been smiling lots lately. I think she's happy to be alive. Happy to see Mom and Dad. Happy to have all that stuff off her face and head. Oh, there's lots of reasons for her to be happy. img_0577w

Daddy's talking to her this picture. She's finally looking like she recognizes us.img_0578w

Here's her nurse at work, whom we love, love, love. When she's not there it's just not the same. img_0537wimg_0545wimg_0541w

She's been working at the NICU for a long time and always explains things so well and makes sure we know what's going on. Really she's great. Just can't say enough about her. I do have to say the hubster is getting pretty good at this journalistic photography thing, he took those above. Here's a couple of him and her.img_0555wimg_0563w

To give you an idea of how much she's grown, remember his ring that USED to fit over her hand and on her arm? Here's how it fits now...or how it doesn't fit!img_0566wDaddy's helping, it's still too heavy for her little arm to hold up.img_0567w

She hit a HUGE milestone this past Friday, finally she's 2lbs! This was Thursday night's weigh in when she was almost there! img_0535Thanks again for your continued support. She is doing so well because of your prayers.img_0558web