Marshall | 1 Year

So, I think we've seen enough of Sadie Mae 'bout a little Marshall?img_1350 Lovin this sweet fella on his birthday. What a fun celebration with the family. He barely made it, and like most kids during the first birthday party, was completely worn out by the end. Here's a few quick favorites.img_1357img_1359img_1370img_1347img_1386img_1381img_1397img_1455img_1457img_1494img_1499img_1500img_1501img_1534 You know I've been thinking about how and what I like to photograph best, and this is it...photojournalistic is completely my style and where I feel most comfortable. Just being in the mix of things catching the action. Must be why I like weddings so much.

Thanks guys for the fellowship and cupcakes. I think I've finally replaced my cupcake addiction since the party...with Krispy Kreme donuts.