There's lots of good news to share. She's made quite a few leaps this weekend. We tried her first bottle, of which she only took about 6ml, on Friday. On Saturday we tried again and she took all but 3ml! Scott wasn't able to be there, so I was convinced she was saving her first full bottle for him. So tonight, Sunday, Daddy fed her for the first time and she took the complete bottle. Can you say...Daddy's girl! I don't blame her. I'm a Daddy's girl too. Her first bottle, ready for consumption.

Her first try with a bottle.

Daddy's turn.


On her way to finishing her first complete bottle.

So tired after all that eating.


Adding to this excitement. She's got a new bed and finally she can start wearing all those cute clothes! Here's the big I predicted...she was EXACTLY 3lbs tonight! Yeah!

Of course no post would be complete without a smile. img_1677