More Smiles and A Bath!

Sadie is just all smiles, especially when Daddy's talking to her! She loves to be called "punkin." Here's some fun ones I captured a few days ago.img_0707img_0708 We also gave Sadie her first tub bath! She did very well during and after. Thanks to the "hubs" for the photojournalistic capture. img_0725img_0731img_0733img_0737

I searched high and low for  a rubber ducky. I finally found one, but it came in a pack of 14! I didn't really want that many but that's what she got. Guess she'll have fun playing with them all in the tub when she gets older. Anyway...after finally finding a duck we forgot to put it in the tub with her! ugh! Oh well, they'll be plenty more baths...

We also put her in her first outfit. It was of course too big. The hat especially.img_0752 img_0746