Sadie Turns One Month

Yep our little girl is one month old already! We've held her lots which has helped me and her I think. There's a hold that's described as Kangaroo Care, it's a skin to skin hold. It's by far my favorite. She loves it too, it puts her in a deep sleep. So being as she's one month I had to have a photo session, but she wasn't very cooperative. Obviously she didn't get the memo that mom is a photographer. It was late at night so it was dark and impossible to photograph. She was being so sweet and smiling like crazy. However, when I turned the light on so I could actually photograph because I didn't have my flash, she did this frown face. Oh well, what a great one month pic, eh? ...she really was smiling cute when the light was off...she looks a lot less like a little old man when she's not frowning. 1monthsadieSometimes her hair looks red. I know my Grandma would be so proud if it actually turned out that way. I'm pretty sure she'll have blue eyes, they are so far. She's making Daddy proud carrying along the Addis "blue-eyed" legacy.

Here's one with the lights off. Kinda grainy, but hey the conditions in the NICU are not optimal for a photo session.s1mthSadie's stats as of today...she's doing great! Finally gaining weight again, she's up to 1lb, 14oz. Soooo close to 2lb! I'm one proud mommy.

So her room. I'm freakin just a bit. Trying to get things done. This first month has passed so quick I feel like she'll be coming home before we know it. So I attempted to do some work last weekend. Got as far as these few stripes, but hey that's better than nothing. Still have to finish some trim and a few more stripes. Please disregard the mess! Many of you have asked about her room decor so just thought I'd show an in-progress pic. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!room