Chase + Ashley | Married

This is quite overdue! Such a pretty day for such a sweet couple. Although, I must say it was a bit hot, which I find funny as Chase always said he'd never have an August wedding. Never say never, you'll always eat your words. Chase has been my assistant for many weddings and now has a business of his own. I like to think I taught him everything he knows...although, it's just not true. It's so funny, we'd be working at a wedding, sweating to death and he'd say..."why do brides want to get married in the heat of the summer?" Ha! So...guess he only thought it fair to make me sweat at his, like ole times! I do have to say that these guys had the BEST first dance I've ever seen in my LIFE! Serious. They had a whole routine with their friends that included songs from Beyonce, the Backstreet Boys, the Village People, and even a little MJ thriller. Really hoping they utube that video so I can share with you guys. Also, he had a photo booth at their reception which was a hit. Maybe he'll send me some of those pics that I can share with you guys...hint, hint!

Here's just a few from their celebration. If you missed the details post go here.chaseashchaseash2