Sadie Mae | 2 Months

Here's a quick update on our sweet baby for those of you not on facebook. As always I must first say thank you for all of your prayers, support, gifts, etc. Sadie turned two months this past weekend. She's still smiling and growing. One of her accomplishments in the last week or so would include learning how to turn around in her bed...img_2361We have officially dubbed her the "wonder baby" and now I'm just waiting for her to start saying Mama! ha!

Her feeding tube is out and she's taking bottles well. On Friday, her 2 month birthday, we tried breastfeeding for the first time and she did great! I was overwhelmed at how awesome she did and couldn't keep the tears from coming. It was very surreal thinking back to when she was born at 25 weeks to now, not even 4lbs, and able to breastfeed. Wow, wow, wow. It was just too much for a moment and I lost it. She really likes showing out, this could be a problem when she gets older...

She's 3lbs 12oz and still not able to keep her body temperature stabilized. I'm thinking it won't be long though, and as soon as she can, home will be even closer!

So here she is right before her birthday. Giving us BIG birthday smiles.img_2368Oh, btw, we've moved to NICU 2 into a more private room which is so nice. Home definitely must be on the horizon!