We've been home for a little over a month with Sadie Mae. Things have been great. A little crazy at times and heartbreaking that we can't let everyone see her right now, especially the kids. Our Moms really stepped up to the plate to help take care of her during the really critical time when she first got home. We are relaxing a bit but with all the stuff going around we are still keeping her at the house and her visitors limited. She is growing and thriving well. 7lbs at the last doctor visit. We sort of have her reflux under control, at least it's not so bad that it's sending us back to the hospital. If you're not on facebook then you may not know that a week after we were home Sadie Mae started breathing strange which sent us back to GHS for a weekend. It was supposedly the acid reflux aggravating her damaged lungs, causing a little weakness and shortness of breath. If you're still praying for Sadie, pray that she makes it through this crazy flu season. She is so sensitive.

God has been so good and faithful. She's come so far. It was funny last week me and my hubby both had a "it's for real" moment. That moment when you look at what God's done, the miracle in your arms, and are just overwhelmed with gratefulness. Yes, it's real. The sleepless nights. The endless bottles. The stinky diapers. It's weird, something we've waited so long for, and we actually have it...miracles do happen.

"...your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:14

My first official portrait with her. A self portrait, photographed by my hubby.