Sadie Mae Comes Home

img_3480wimg_3498wimg_3513wFor those of you not on facebook, you may not know that Sadie Mae came home on Sept 29th, my brother's birthday. She's been home for over a week and so far so good. She's a little angel, but definitely has a set of lungs...I'm finding it hard to believe that they are damaged at all! She's eating very well and gaining weight, almost at the 6lb mark. We've been confined to the house of course to help prevent another visit to the hospital, her catching the flu would be awful. Under the advice of doctors we have also limited her visitors to NO KIDS and only to immediate family and her great grandparents. They saw her for the first time the day she came home, as a matter of fact I called them on our way home...I couldn't make them wait another second, after all they've waited almost 3 months! So, I'm sitting here thinking about this year. It's October already. The year is almost gone. What a whirlwind it has been. It's been a very hard, but very rewarding year. We have definitely struggled in many areas and have had to put our lives on hold...pretty difficult when you own your own business. In my previous posts you may have seen strength, but many times there was great weakness. Especially towards the end of our hospital stay. It was almost too much. Funny how you think you've reached your breaking point but something inside you just keeps pressing on. One day I cried so much my cheeks were chapped.

I say this so you know that, although I am normally inspired to blog when I've been encouraged, I had many times of quite the opposite. My biggest hope is that I will not miss the opportunity that this experience has awarded me, my biggest fear...that I will.

Having said this, we are completely over-the-moon that Sadie is home. I've been taking so much time with her soaking in every moment. Not worried about a thing...sorry clients, I've been quite slack. BUT the time with her is well deserved.

Thank you all for your thoughts, gifts, prayers, cards, encouraging words, and your patience most of all. We could not have made it this far without you all!