Sadie Mae's Dedication

So I'm stressin' ...well, not really. I've just been thinking about Sadie Mae's dedication. I want it to be extra special, because she's extra special. Gosh, how will she not be spoiled! Sadie's great aunt made her the MOST adorable dress with a bonnet and brazilian embroidery. Absolutely can't wait for her to wear it! However, I think it will be about January before it fits which is great because trying to plan an event around the holidays would be absolutely crazy. I'm thinking too that this will give time for Sadie Mae to get a little stronger and we'll feel more comfortable about her being around a crowd of people.

Here's the plan. Went to check out the new Westminster Depot and LOVE it! The colors are soft blue, buttery yellow, and white. Can you say, perfect! It has a meeting space with a projector and screen, perfect again...gotta be able to show pictures of her progress.

As of now I think I'm sold on the color scheme of white, pink, mint green, and blue. Here's a bit of inspiration I got off the web.sadie

Love peonies and garden roses, however they are so expensive, even if I order them wholesale. Almost 5 bucks a stem. Wowsa! Still figuring out the flower situation. These cakes are just examples of what I like, colors will most likely be pink and white. Our thoughts are an early afternoon ceremony with candies and sweets, which will be fun and easy to do pink, white, and green.

The plan is to invite friends, family, and those who have supported us so faithfully. Still thinking we'll have to limit guests to adults only. School aged children are the ones battling the flu the most in our community according to the CDC. Yuck!

I'll keep you updated...