What's Your Vision?

So, I was chatting with a very smart guy about business. He sells medical software and as we were talking he put into words what I've been thinking for weeks now. Selling is about creating "vision" for your customer. This is what the new Tiffiney Collections are ALL about, 3 packages packed full of vision. Imagine a combination of varied sized prints for your wall, note cards for your family and friends, throw in a necklace to show off your newest addition...oh what sweet vision!

One more important fact about vision. If I know what you want to do with your prints, then I know better how to capture your moment, this helps in designing your session and takes the guess work out of what to wear!

For example. I really, really wanted family portraits when Sadie got home. However she was so sensitive, too much I felt at the time to even take outside to enjoy the fall leaves and cool weather. So, I started thinking. What do I actually want to do with these first family portraits....then it came to me. I LOVE our new bedding and bedroom color. I didn't really want a headboard, so I thought pictures above our bed would be perfect. Once I knew where I was going to display these portraits I then thought about how I should "shoot" them. The obvious choice, in our room on our bed. I didn't want heavy clothing, I wanted it to be very simple and clean.

Here's my vision, complete. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. When you have a clear vision of what you want...picking out prints and deciding what to do with them is a breeze. :)


So here's the deal. If you've created vision...have a display of your Tiffiney portraits on your walls, email me a pic. If I use it on the blog to show more vision you'll get a $25 gift certificate. One rule, it MUST be Tiffiney portraits.

Also, my design services are part of the Tiffiney experience. If you have a wall in your home you want to fill, I can help! What's your vision?