More Portrait Art

Most of my clients feel this's much better to spend the money on a personal work of art. Sweet Nikki sent me pics of her baby's room...which by the way is awesome! Lavendar and brown, it's sooo cute. Can't wait to see her next wall of portraits in the dining area! Congrats Nikki, you get $25 to spend just for sending in a pic of Tiffiney portraits on your wall! lydiaNext, Tracy. She had the same idea that I did...something in the bedroom! So very sweet! You get $25 too!traSo I told you guys I was working on a holiday decoration with portraits for our home. Here it is. With all the Christmas decor I pull out every year, this one will be included. Sadie Mae's first Christmas over our mantel.santa

Don't be afraid to decorate with portraits! Keep sending your shots in for free money! I want to see what you guys are doing with your portraits.