Blog Issues

Yep so I recently upgraded my blog...and what could that mean, but trouble! Hate it when update time rolls around. Anyway, I've been having blog issues since. Now I'm unable to upload photos. Boo! Anyway, I'm in the process of figuring things out, so hopefully the blog will be back on strong in a few days. Lots has been going on, I for sure HAD lots to blog. Oh well!

Lots of great things coming up for the studio this year. A VERY special project I mentioned earlier called "Angels Among Us" is about to be announced. I've also...or I'm in the process of...updating the physical studio. Changing the colors all around to match my logo, yummy! Even having my logo graphic printed for the wall. Fun!

Just got back from the National Professional Photographers convention in Nashville where I picked up a new clothing prop that is cute as pie...and I promise one of a kind! You'll see it soon. Also, got lots of great ideas that I hope to implement this year or next. BUT the best part of the trip was of course meeting Ricky Skaggs. Could NOT believe I cried after I had my pic made with him. It wasn't the ugly cry but I was teary eyed for sure. I LOVE bluegrass. Some of you remember that bluegrass was the main music at our mountain top wedding. It just meant so much for me to meet someone that I consider a legend, someone who truly has a beautiful spirit.

More to come soon...I hope...