Calling All Homemakers!

Ok. So some of you guys are REALLY crafty,  have great imaginations and do some really CUTE stuff...I KNOW, you've given me some great baby items as shower gifts! As I reorganize the studio I'm trying to make space for baby gifts, making a little gift shop of sorts with sweet baby stuff that you CAN'T get at Walmart! For example, homemade dresses (and/boy outfits), diaper bags, bow hangers, wipe boxes, hairbows, knitted items, frames etc. etc. This will not be a high volume a matter of fact depending on your product I'd like to start out with 5 or 10...smaller products like hairbows, maybe more.

If you have such a talent and would like to put some things in the studio for sale email or message me a pic of your item, if I haven't seen it already. I need good quality stuff that's homemade and unique. I may request to see your item in person.

I'm also looking for partners on a very special charity project, Angels Among Us. Partners to fill gift baskets that will be for children. If you have a business or items you would like to contribute, message me for more details!

BTW, I've said it lots but I'm about to launch the Angels Among Us project...keep your ears open!