Happy New Year

Ringing in the new year with a scream around here!img_0205-3 She's such a drama queen. Who could she possibly get that from?! Oh but she has a sweet side...I'm claiming this one as a mommy trait...img_0219-4

Hope you all had fun celebrating the new year with family and friends. We were able to ring in 20-10 with my grandparents, an annual tradition. Yes, it was the hunt camp tradition. The hubster killed a buck AND doe, no joke, (no picture posted b/c it's gross!) in the last 30 minutes of light, on the last day of the hunting season. Whew, talk about cutting it close! We needed the extra meat, one little ole deer wasn't going to get us through til next season. Yes, and that thing still on the 2009 to do list...upload the hunting video we made, yes I'm reminded. Gosh gotta get that done this week. It's a good laugh!

No hunting for me this year. I was in the kitchen with Nana cooking which I LOVE to do. However, I did miss going out with Scott, it's quite fun to do things together like that, to enjoy your husband's hobby...or rather to enjoy, him enjoying, you enjoying, his hobby. K. So that was a bit confusing but you get my drift.

Happy 20-10!